Celebrating 100 years in 2021, Barrington Hills Country Club has a rich history in the Barrington community. It began with industry titan Harry Stilson Hart, 220 acres of open land a mile west of Barrington, and a quest to gather like-minded sportsmen to bring the call of 'fore' to his summer retreat outside of Chicago. The storied history of Barrington Hills Country Club has been well documented in A Club in the Country "The Story of Barrington Hills Country Club" by Patty Dowd Schmitz. Copies of this highly visualized history of BHCC are available through the clubhouse.

1921 The Golf Rush comes to Barrington

Over fine cigars and brandy, 11 men discussed the formation of a country club in the Barrington countryside.

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1931 Rebuild

Opening the new clubhouse, September 7, 1931.

The plans called for a larger structure to be created of materials that would never burn. While simplistic and understated just like the previous clubhouse, one major difference was a design focused on making a more livable and attractive house for Members, injecting warmth and charm as well as security from flames.

1953 Full

The Club in the Country reaches capacity.

By 1953, with a brand new clubhouse addition and a positive balance sheet, the Club's rolls were filled and the Membership was closed.

1957 Modern Era

By 1957 more amenities are needed to support an extensive athletic program and full roster of social events.

While weekdays were for children the weekends were mostly adults-only. The men played golf, shot skeet, and played poker in the men's locker room. Both men & women attended dinner dances and parties in the evenings. It seemed that everyone was having fun and enjoying the company of friends and neighbors.

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2021 The Club Celebrates 100 Years

As Barrington Hills Country Club celebrated its Centennial Year, the Club sought to honor the legacy of those who built the foundation of this beloved club in the country while renewing the entrepreneurial spirit and commitment of Membership for the next 100 years. Reflecting on 100 years of memories and kicking off a century of new memory-making.