Guest Information

Welcome guests to Barrington Hills Country Club.
The information below will help you enjoy the best possible experience during your time at the club.

Clubhouse Attire

The General Manager and Clubhouse Staff have full authority to enforce Club dress requirements. No one shall be permitted in the Clubhouse or adjacent areas in any attire considered unsuitable by the House Committee. Examples of such inappropriate attire include: worn or tattered denim or jeans, cutoff shorts, un-tucked shirts, collarless or sleeveless shirts on men, worn or dirty clothing, as well as caps worn facing backwards. For men, the wearing of golf caps and visors of any type is considered unsuitable in the Clubhouse.

As a reminder, the jeans policy is as follows: Jeans and denim are allowed in the Clubhouse and adjacent areas, with the exception of the Grille Room after 6:00 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Jeans may be worn in the Pub Room at any time. Jeans and denim are never considered appropriate if they are torn, tattered or excessively worn. The Board requests that jeans adhere to the dress code, i.e. “dressy casual” attire, and (for gentlemen) worn with a collared shirt. Please remember, jeans are never to be worn on the golf course.

Jeans or denim for special Club or Member hosted events shall be approved on an individual basis by the General Manager or Board of Directors.

Golf Course Attire

Men - Collared shirts must be worn with shirt tails tucked in. Denim and cargo shorts or pants are prohibited. Hats and visors should be worn with the bill facing forward and removed inside the clubhouse.

Ladies - Proper attire for women is defined to be golf slacks, minimum of mid-thigh length shorts or skirts and appropriate tops.  Unapproved attire includes but is not limited to denim, jeans, tennis skirts, leggings unless worn underneath a golf skirt, sleeveless tops without a collar, torn/ripped garments of any kind.

Cell Phones
In keeping with the quiet ambiance of the Club, we understand the need for members and their guests to be accessible. For this reason, cell phones are not banned from all Club property. As a courtesy to others, members & guests are requested to set phones to "vibrate" mode whenever they are on Club property, and to excuse themselves from the dining and bar areas when receiving or placing cellular calls. Electronic data use of the cell phone is permitted, but should not distract or be a hindrance to the Club experience.

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of the Club. When outside please maintain a distance of 15 feet from all entrances.

Upon your arrival, please drive to the bag drop area located at the east end of the clubhouse. A golf services attendant will transport your golf clubs to a golf cart staged outside of the golf bag room.

Locker Facilities
The Men’s Locker Room is located on the lower level adjacent to the grand entrance. Please take the steps down to enter. You may also make your way to the Men's Locker Room by following the blue stone path past the golf bag room, past the golf shop and patio to which you will find a single black door on your left side. The women’s locker room is located on the lower level adjacent to the golf bag room. Locker room attendants will assign you lockers in close proximity to your host or hostess if requested.

Care of the Golf Course
Each Member and guest has the responsibility of taking care of the course. Please:
• Take time to repair ball marks on the greens.
• Replace divots in fairways.
• Properly rake bunkers.
• When driving a golf cart, please follow all directional signs and use cart paths when designated to do so. The responsible operation of golf carts will help preserve the pristine condition of our playing surfaces.
• Please deposit smoking materials and other litter in available containers and never leave it on the course.

Caddies have been an important part of the golf experience at the Club.

• Members and guests are requested to use caddies whenever available.
• Caddies should be treated with the same dignity and respect afforded to our members, guests and club employees.

Guest privileges to persons living within the Chicago District Golf Association area are limited as follows:

  1. For Golf - 6 times per season

A Member introducing or recommending a guest or visitor shall be responsible for the conduct of such guest and any debt or liability incurred by such guest. Members inviting friends to enjoy the privileges of the Club under the Rules and By-Laws must sign tickets when their guests participate in any activities for which a charge is made.